Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Birthday Boy

My husband turned 27 on March 13th!!! I can't believe we are well on our way to our 30's. Where has the time gone? I love this man of mine, and I wanted to think of something creative to make his day special! I had work all day and Imari had school. It was nice when we finally made it home to each other, and the party could finally begin. I told Imari he could pick anywhere he wanted to eat, and he chose Captain's Cove. If you haven't been there before...don't go. That could partially be because I HATE sea food. Blahh... We got there and Imari ordered Calamari for an appetizer. I have tried this once before, so I thought I would  try it again. I ate a few pieces and realized I don't even know what Calamari is so I asked Imari. He said he would tell me when we were done eating. Well I didn't have to wait until they were all gone because one of them came out of the breading and I about lost it. This is why....Can't believe I ate this. Wah...

After we were done eating we headed home for our next plan. Imari didn't know what it was, and I made him go in our room and stay there with the door shut while I got things ready and set up. I made him a tent-I even googled how to make a good one, and got some good ideas:) I made it out of blankets and sheets in our living room. I put Christmas lights around it, filled it with pillows and blankets, a lantern, a red box, popcorn, and Cold Stone Icecream (his favorite). He opened his presents in there, then we turned on our movie and ate popcorn and icecream inside of our tent! It was such a fun night! Happy Birthday sweets I love you so so much!