Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Time

Yay for the summertime! I can't believe that it is already kind of makes me sad. I am always sad when the summer comes to an end, but I am getting excited for the fall! Here are a few pictures of the fun times I have had this summer! Sorry about the picture overload...I guess that's what happens when I take forever to update.

Getting ready for the fireworks on the 24th in SLC

Kayla's Birthday Party

Teresa's Birthday Party...The girls....

And the Boys!

Midnight Premiere of Eclipse...Can't miss that

The Rodeo

Hiking the Y for our first times

The 4th of July with my family! My mom bought us
these cute matching shirts, I sure miss them all!
My Bestest friend who I also miss

Many fun days at the lake!!!

At Draper days...waiting for the fireworks that never came

Wally's Farewell

Neon Dance Party

At a Modest Mouse concert in SLC...There were a lot of sketchy people there and we pretty much made it to the front!

End of the semester BBQ with the UCDH Girls!!

In honor of late Fathers Day

I love My Dad because....He is Loving, Supportive, Genuine, He is always happy and cheerful, He randomly does and says some of the funniest things, He will always keep you laughing(especially while playing games) He has the kindest heart and would do anything for the ones he loves! And most of all I love him because he is my Daddy, and has given me the greatest life a daughter could ever ask for!