Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baseball Stop

First of all let me just say how much I love the summer! There is nothing I love more then being outside-no matter what the reason is, I just want to be outside in the warmth! Especially when I get to be outside with Imari! This last weekend We were with the In-laws having a Birthday BBQ for cute Koa and Coy! It was such a nice evening, and we had such a great time with the family! It was filled with Talking, Eating, Birthday cakes, Pinata, and more! As we were heading home we passed by the Chukars stadium and noticed that a High school baseball game was going on, so we decided to stop and watch the game! Luckily we happened to have some sun flower seeds and some treats already with us.  

Imari pretending to really get into the game haha! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Birthday-May 11th

I had such a great 26th Birthday, despite the fact that I really am not liking the sound of that number:) It started off in the morning that my work let me come in an hour later because I didn't have a patient first thing in the morning-therefore I was able to sleep in an extra hour, and spend some time with the hubby. After I got ready for work, Imari had breakfast made and ready for me. He had it sitting out on the table, along with flowers he got me and a lit candle. What a great way to start the morning! Work was good, I received so many nice texts from so many friends and family! The Dentist I work for got me a giant thing of bubbles and my favorite Cheetos! When I got home Imari had a stack of wrapped presents sitting there for me, and the lights turned low with candles again. He let me get changed and freshened up and then I opened my presents from him! He is such a sweetie, and got me some good things. My thr favorites- Tennis Racket, and a Kindle Fire, and a sweet card he wrote me with his debit card inside (Dinner was on him:) He then took me out to Dinner at Outback Stakehouse! Yum...I haven't been there in a long time. While we were eating our dinner, and after he kept saying so what do you want to do now, we can do whatever you want. And said that we will hang out with my family tomorrow night for my birthday. As happy as I was there was a little part of me that was sad to not be able to see my family on my Birthday-that hasn't ever happened before. So it felt pretty strange. So after dinner we went and parked our car over by the Pierr (Or so they call it). There is a nice path that walks across and over to this really cute park that the snake river runs through and has a bride going across it. This also is where our "Spot" is-so we call it. So our plan was to take a walk to our spot. It was such a pretty evening and is was so nice to be walking hand in hand with Imari. We stopped and took lots of pictures on our way.  As we got towards the end -as we were approaching the park walking I looked across over to the other side-it was a pretty far distance but I saw someone pointing at us. It sure looked a lot like my brother, and I said Imari is that Landon. Then all of a sudden I saw a bunch of people scrambling around trying to hide, and that is when I saw the rest of my family there too. Imari really had me going-he is a pretty good liar. So we made it across the bridge and around to the other side, and there was my family and some of Imari's family and a few close friends. It was such a great surprise. Imari also had an icecream cake for me, and everyone sang to me and we ate Cake and Icecream!

                              What a Perfect Birthday I had! Thanks Everyone! I am one lucky girl!

Loving Our Location

Every time we come and go to our apartment we get to drive past this beautiful place! The Idaho Falls temple is two blocks in front of our apartment! How lucky are we to live in walking distance, and to have such a beautiful front yard:)

It is so great to be able to run around the river, it is so pretty (This is behind the temple). I snapped a few pictures on one of my runs!

And this is our backyard! The Chukars Baseball Stadium is two blocks behind our apartment. We are definitely living very cheap right now, but couldn't be any happier! We have been very blessed with our beautiful surroundings, and having the opportunity in the beginning of our marriage to live off Love!