Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guess who's back in Town

Okay so I started this post about 4months ago, and sadly just now got back around to my blog- I debated if I should still post it since it's old news now, but then I realized that it really isn't old news, because it is still GREAT and HAPPY news, no matter how long it has been-and it is something worth mentioning!

GUESS WHO'S BACK IN TOWN.......Yes that's right, the MILES!!!!!

The Miles family have been in Virginia for the past 4 years while Josh was in Dental School. Well this last May he graduated and is doing a Residency (I think that's what it's called:) in Pocatello for a year. Yay I know I speak for the rest of the family when I saw we couldn't be happier to have this family back close to us. It has been way too long. Life is always better when they are around!

Landon's Graduation

I can't believe my little baby brother who isn't so little anymore GRADUATED. He graduated this last May from Hillcrest Highschool! It was so much fun being able to be there to was definitely a bitter sweet moment, but I am proud of him, and excited for the next steps coming up in his life. I love you Brother! Waita go! 

It was a great night minus the stinky wiggly people in front of us!