Friday, January 25, 2013

1 Year Anniversary

     All I can say is that this has been one of the greatest years of my life! The best decision I ever made was to marry my sweet husband Imari Shayne Tausili Molifua! I love him more then I could ever describe, and now I could never live without him. We have had our ups and downs, our laughs and tears (mostly me), our excitements and disappointments over this last year. The best part of it all, is that we got to go through it all together. And let me just say it really is so nice having someone by my side to go through everything with. It makes the exciting times more exciting, and the hard times easier to get through. I can't believe one year has already come and gone, and I can't wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for us!

The best day 

         For our Anniversary we headed off to Brian Head Utah to stay in a Ski Lodge there! My mother in law was kind enough to let us take up some of her points on her time share! We took off Friday night after Imari got out of school, and stayed in Provo with family. We were able to have a fun night when we got down there with cousins! Saturday morning we were off! We started our vacation off the right way eating at Krispie Cream's for breakfast. We then went grocery shopping to stock up our kitchen when we got there. We finally made it to our destination! It was so pretty up there with all the trees and the snow. We checked in to our room and got on all of our Snow Boarding gear and headed to the slopes! We did some night skiing, and the best thing was that it was pretty warm up there, so we never got very cold! We had a great time snow boarding. Imari was kind and patient enough to work with me on my carving skills. Needless to say I am finally starting to get it down. It has only taken me a few years:) He is a great teacher I kept telling him! 

Our second day there we went tubing down their awesome tube hill they have! It was so much fun, and required no skill. My favorite part. It was so warm out we were taking off our coats/hats/and gloves!
Eating our one year old cake-Tradition right!? Imari said do we really have to eat it? I said yes we do it's tradition...needless to say we got more on our faces and the floor then in our mouth. Sadly and not surprisingly it was majorly freezer burnt, and the inside filling didn't taste quite right. 

I am so grateful for my husband and all that he does for me! Lately I have been telling him he is the best wife ever, and he tells me that I am the best husband! Hopefully one day our circumstances will flop around. Until then I will continue to feel like a bad wife, and feel grateful that Imari is willing to help out with a lot of the cooking and cleaning! Here's to you babe! I love you sweets! One year down and many many more to come:) 

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  1. You guys are just the custest couple. Seriously. I love all the pics!!! Someone needs to get married soon so we can see each other again!!! MISS YOU!! :)