Friday, January 25, 2013

My white Couches

Remember a few posts ago when I blogged about my Dream couches my husband surprised me with! Well they are still my dream couches, and don't get me wrong I LOVE them. But let's just say I am having to clean them more then I thought I would have to. Yes I expect it when I have kids, but I didn't know my husband would be the worst one. I called him on my lunch break the other day and our conversation went something like this....

Me: Hey babe how is your day going?
Imari: Good...babe your going to be mad at me.
Me: Did you spill on the couch again?
Imari: Yes, it was an accident though. I was eating trail mix and I dropped a piece so I stood up to try and find it, but I couldn't find it and I even sat in a different spot to finish my homework, but when I stood up there was chocolate smeared on the couch.

How did I know that he had spilled something on the couch when he told me I was going to be mad....Because this was our third time having this conversation in a short period of time. The first time it was red punch that he spilled on it, the second time it was drinking hot chocolate on the couch and he spilt it, and now the third time it was chocolate that was stuck to his pants and melted/smeared on the couch lol. Luckily all three washes have been successful! So I do still love my couches! I am thankful for bleach, And my husband is lucky that I have a sense of humor, and don't get mad at him:)


  1. It is so hilarious that you posted this today! We have a little white love seat from IKEA and I was just bleaching the cover today and I totally thought of you, because you have a BIG white couch. The difference between you and me was.... I WAS mad because I was bleaching out a huge alien that Baylor drew on it with pen!! It is a pain to clean... but white does look so pretty!!!

  2. Oh you are good. I think the rule should be that if he eats or drinks on the couch he needs to put a towel down. haha. I thought you were brave to get a white couch.

  3. I really did LOL when I read this. I can just picture that converstation. You guys are too cute. I will be lucky to ever have a love as cute as you and Imari's! Heart you guys and we need to hang out soon!

  4. i was laughing so hard reading that! I just pictured it as if you were telling me! I even read it to brady and we laughed! So cute miss you too! You know what I do for the kids for mine, I just buy those $5 flat twin sheets at walmart and put them over the part where you sit and tuck them in real good. That way when they get bad I can just rip off the sheet and bleach it! Love you!